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Lighthouse Dinner

A Sites at Night Experience.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Point Amour Lighthouse was once the place where the world's news first reached the Labrador coast via telegraph, where shipwrecked soldiers took refuge, and where a select few families lived for more than 150 years. Without doubt, stories told around the dinner table at Point Amour Lighthouse were lively and full of adventurous tales. Come dine with us at Point Amour Lighthouse and continue the dinner conversation. We've taken traditional, locally sourced fish, vegetables and berries and given it a modern flare to create a three course dining experience.

Cost: $60 per person
Contact for more information contact: Visit Tour Labrador (www.tourlabrador.ca) for more information and to reserve your space
Location: Point Amour Lighthouse, Point Amour



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