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Ongoing Experiences

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

  • Guided Tour - Enjoy a guided tour of one of few vaults remaining in the province with one of our knowledgeable interpreters. The Newman Wine Vaults tell the amazing story of a 300-year connection between wine produced in sunny Portugal, aged in the cool climate of Newfoundland, and sipped by England's aristocracy for generations.
  • Scent Station - Do you think you have a good nose? Try the scent station - a unique and interactive experience that will really test your sniffer. Challenge your friends to identify smells associated with wine.
  • Family Friendly Activities - The Newman Wine Vaults has activities appropriate for all ages including a treasure hunt with a prize for all who complete it, an arch building game, and more.

Location: Newman Wine Vaults PHS, St. John's
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Tel: (709) 729-2627, Email: commissariat@seethesites.ca