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New Designations Announced

Event takes place in Black Duck Brook

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New Designations to be Announced

Ceremony to be held Oct 18 2013

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Kelly Russell Legacy Project

Kelly Russell Legacy Project

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Nominating Process

How do I nominate something for commemoration?

  1. Download to following documents:

Versions françaises formulaire de candidature, lignes directrices du programme, et critères d'évaluation

2. Send in the nomination before February 15 or June 15. Mail or email versions are accepted.

What happens after I send in my nomination?

The program administrator will acknowledge receipt by mail or email and will review it for completeness and conformity to the program eligibility criteria. If all requirements are met, the nominee is notified that the submission will be forwarded to the Provincial Historic Commemorartions Board (PHCB) for consideration.

If a nomination requires additional information, the nominee is requested to supply it. Nominations that do not meet the program eligibility criteria are not forwarded to the PHCB. Nominees are notified of the decision and the reasons for it.

The PHCB evaluates the nomination according to the evaluation criteria for each category and compiles a preliminary list of candidates for designation. As needed, the PHCB commissions research papers to support nominations under consideration. This stage may also involve consultation with community organizations, Aboriginal groups, and other relevant parties.

The PHCB reviews the research papers and makes final recommendations for designation to the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Recreation. The Minister reviews nominations recommended by the PHCB and makes the final decision regarding commemorations.

Successful nominations are commemorated through a ceremony, online multi-media e-plaque and additional educational and outreach initiatives.

On average, 2-5 commemorations are designated each year. The application and designation process takes about 12-18 months.

About Legacy Projects

Successful designates can apply for up to $2500 in funding to complete legacy projects that raise awareness about the commemoration and the program. Examples of these projects include:

  1. School programs (including school tours, development of courses, talks/presentations, scholarships, contests, online educational resources)
  2. Commissioned research
  3. Commissioned publication (book, article, CD, video)
  4. Professionally developed interpretation (panels, exhibit elements, banners, online exhibit)
  5. Design of multi-media presentations
  6. Development of promotional brochures
  7. Stipends (for Tradition Bearers, for example)
  8. Workshops (with Tradition Bearers, for example)
  9. Development of audio/video recordings (of traditional skills, for example)
  10. Community event
  11. Professional development opportunity, followed by a public presentation
  12. Commissioned creative piece (artwork, poetry, song, etc)

Following the public announcement of a commemoration, designates are asked to submit a short proposal to indicate the kind of legacy activity they wish to undertake. Designates are responsible for the development, administration and maintenance of their project.